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Artificial Life: Capabilities to Solve Optimisation Problems Using a Simulation of Living Organisms

Dr. Tomasz Stas, University of Economics in Katowice

Date: 22/06/2012
Time: 14:15-15:00
Room: H-F 114

Complex decision problems are very commonplace. Scientists often try to solve problems by inventing new solutions or by speeding up the computation, searching the entire set of solutions. It often turns out that the issue has been solved long ago by Nature. We should just look around us carefully and understand the heuristic mechanisms that operate for thousands of years.

In this talk I present the issues of machine learning, with particular emphasis of Ant Colony Optimisation (ACO). Those algorithms are modelled on the observation of Nature. I present common issues that were solved using this algorithm (ex. vehicle routing problem, recommendation of information resources in Enterprise Portals).