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Research Group for Pattern Recognition

The Research Group for Pattern Recognition was founded by Marcin Grzegorzek in October 2010. We are part of the Department for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science within Faculty IV: Science and Technology. Moreover, we are very active in the Research Centre "Shaping the Future" (FoKoS) which fosters scientific activities with interdisciplinary character addressing challenges caused by demographic trends.

In our research we conceptualise, realise, and evaluate algorithms for automatic recognition and discovery of regularities in big data collections, mainly sensory data. Our scientific work is organised into three research areas, namely (1) Multimodal Scene Analysis, (2) Semantic Multimedia Analysis, and (3) Medical Data Understanding. For the time being, we run eight externally funded research projects. For instance, Marcin Grzegorzek is consortium coordinator in the project Cognitive Village aiming at developing a user-friendly support system for elderly that applies machine learning algorithms for sensor-based health assessment.

Our teaching responsibilities include introductory courses in  Computer Science as well as specialised courses in Pattern Recognition, Multimedia Retrieval, and Medical Image Processing. We also supervise students writing their Bachelor and Master theses in related fields. Further, we initialised and coordinate departmental Erasmus/Socrates student exchange programmes with several universities in Poland.