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Pattern Recognition in Smart Grid network Applications

Dino Ablakovic, Siemens AG

Date: 21/11/2014
Time: 14:00
Room: FoKoS, Weidenauer Str. 167, Siegen.

Development of Smart Grid concept in recent years has significantly changed the requirements for energy networks. Distributed and renewable generation (e.i. Photovoltaic and Wind parks), ever larger number of controlling equipment and demands for modeling low voltage level, is resulting in increasing of the data amount as well as calculation complexity by several fold. Real-time distribution management system control centers (RT DMS CC) running 24/7 with a number of network applications are facing new challenges which require novel solutions.

Pattern recognition algorithms have already found significant use in load and generation scheduling as well as energy trading applications, but only in recent times network applications are finding a great potential there too. This presentation is to give an overview of Smart Grid challenges and where pattern recognition algorithms have found use in Network applications so far, and also what the future brings in this field.