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Towards Smart Information Systems: Exploitation of Small and Big Data in the Public and Private Sector

Dr. Frank Hopfgartner, TU Berlin

Date: 13/12/2013
Time: 14:15-15:15
Room: H-F 114

In the Age of Information, the acquisition and analysis of data is considered to be the new oil that drives our economy. Indeed, the business models of an increasing amount of companies depend on the exploitation of such data, e.g., for enriching their product portfolio with adaptive information services, also referred to as smart information services that support us in nearly all areas of life. Although a formal definition of smart information services does not exist, they can be described as information services that adapt based on specific parameters such as user requirements or contextual conditions. Key techniques for the provision of such smart services are personalization, data mining, machine learning, knowledge discovery and information management techniques. With increasing computation power, these techniques enable us to identify patterns, test research hypotheses or to create data models, hence shedding light on the potential usage of this data. However, although such techniques have matured over the past few years, there seems to be an increasing gap between current research trends in the analysis of data and the application of data analysis techniques in the industry. This talk illustrates a range of real-life use cases that showcase the challenges and potentials of smart information systems.