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Fundamentals of Medical Image Processing

Winter Term 2017/2018
Lecture: H-C 7326, Fridays 08:00-10:00 AM, Practice: H-C- 7326, Wednesday 18:00- 20:00
Recommended for: 
Bachelor Students of Computer Science

Dear students,
I would like to bring your kind attention to the following points:

  • The examination materials are from the posted slides, exercises and introduced references.  
  • The share of the practical part will be around 30% and the rest will cover the discussed theory, methods and principles in the lectures.
  • The project presentations will take place on Friday 02.02.2018. Each group is given ca. 12 mins time slot for presentation. 
  • The due of the first exercise set is 15.11.2017
  • The due of the second exercise set is 29.11.2017.
  • Due to a bussines trip the next exercise class will take place on 20.12.2017. (Update:The project topics have been updated and they are discussed on 20.12.2017)
  • The third exercise will be uploaded shortly and it is due on 10.01.2018 (The new deadline is 17.01.2018).   
  • Remark: After selecting your time slot please send me an Email to assign the exact examination time. Also please be advised that maximum number of attendees per 2-hour slot is 3. Thanks for your collaboration.  

Recommended Book: Applied Medical Image Processing, A Basic Course, By: Wolfgang Birkfellner, CRC Press, 2011, 
ISBN: 978-1-4398-2444-3

Lecture Materials