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Pattern Recognition (Exercises)

Summer Term 2013
H-F 001/Tuesday 8:30 - 10:00 (bi-weekly starting on 16th of April)
Recommended for: 
Master Students in Computer Science
1 Project Topics, Materials and Information
  • 1. Please prepare your own project topic for the first exercise (16.04)
  • 2. Please bring your own laptop (and smart-phone) to the exercises
  • 3. Please install the newest version of Android SDK on your laptop http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html
2 The Rules of Completing the Course
  • 1. Since the Summer Term 2013 a Registration for the Course in the LSF is obligatory.
  • 2. Exercises are held every two weeks (according to the schedule given in PDF).
  • 3. Presence on classes is mandatory.
  • 4. Each Student is allowed one unexcused absence during the semester. Each subsequent absence should be confirmed by a sick leave.
  • 5. For each class the Student should present the progress of the work.
  • 6. On the last class, Students should submit the results of their work (5-10 min presentation).
  • 7. Students are required to work independently in the classroom.
  • 8. Ready source code along with a brief specification in English (1-2 typed pages) should be sent to the tutor up to a week after the last exercise.
  • 9. Evaluation of the course is an arithmetic mean of the ratings for the presentation and the source code (with the specification).

Announcing Flyer:   flyer.pdf
Time and Room:   8:30 H-F 001
Dates:   16.04, 30.04, 14.05, 28.05, 11.06, 25.06, 09.07
Final Demo:   09.07

3 Materials

  • SVM data classification: file
  • Features extraction: file
  • Classifiers in Matlab: file