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Introduction to Computer Science II (Lectures)

Summer Term 2013
PB-C 101/ Tuesday 18:00 - 19:30
Recommended for: 
Students in Department MB

Klausureinsicht findet am 07.10.2013 14:00 Uhr in H-F-012 statt!



  • Teaching materials for this lecture have been partly provided by Prof. Wolfgang Wiechert and Prof. Roland Reichardt.
  • All used teaching materials for this lecture will be updated on a regular basis according to the lecture progressing. Please pay attention to updated materials and slides. 


  • For materials like "Introduction to Matlab" please see the course "Introduction to Comuter Science I", there you will find a command overview for Matlab and previous teaching materials which will be valid for either Introduction to Computer Science I and II.

    Chapter Theme Link
    III MATLAB Continuation  
    III.1 Internet and Tools Info-II-01.pdf
    III.2 Files/Filetypes Info-II-02.pdf
    III.3 Visualization  Info-II-03.pdf
    III.4 Visualization of 3D Data Info-II-04.pdf
    III.5 Optimization Info-II-05.pdf


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